Pip Hartley

Tena koe, nau mai haere mai.
Ko Pip Hartley toku ingoa no Ngati Tuwharetoa me Ngati Raukawa.

Wāhine Māori tattoo artist

Phillipa (Pip) Hartley is a renowned traditional Māori tattoo artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her journey into the world of tā moko began in 2002 when she started her apprenticeship in traditional Māori tattooing. 

Pip's connection to her Māori heritage was ignited at a young age, particularly after attending her grandmother's tangi (Māori funeral) at a marae (Māori meeting grounds), despite not being exposed to Te Ao Māori (the Māori world) earlier in her life due to her father's disconnection from his culture.

Where it all began

Pip's passion for the arts led her to study at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School, after which she ventured to Queenstown for a snowboarding stint. 

It was during her time running stalls at festivals to make ends meet that she met key mentors who would shape her career in the arts and tattooing. Her travels took her to Borneo and tattoo conventions in Europe, where she further honed her skills.

Full immersion in Tā moko

Upon returning to New Zealand in 2005, Pip worked as a tā moko artist alongside notable figures like Inia Taylor. She also contributed to her community as the director of Te Karanga Charitable Trust, providing music and arts programs for at-risk youth.

Karanga Inks' Auckland tattoo studio

Today, Pip Hartley is the owner of Karanga Ink, a tattoo studio and art gallery located on Auckland's vibrant Karangahape Road. 

The studio is not only a place for tattooing but also serves as a cultural hub, hosting international visitors and engaging in educational discussions about Māori culture and tā moko. 

Karanga Ink stands as a respected Māori business in Auckland, with Pip and her team dedicated to sharing knowledge of ancient symbology through contemporary Indigenous markings and mentoring the next generation of artists

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